Uchi Office

Uchi is all about transformation: taking the authentic and elevating it. And we’re all about taking on a challenge. So when they approached us with the assignment to turn a ramshackle shed into their corporate office, we jumped in with both feet.

First, we worked to shore up the building – the cracked concrete foundation got repaired and became a polished floor, the walls were cleaned up and the exterior clad in reclaimed metal. Then, we added the elegance that Uchi is known for: walnut-clad walls, custom lighting and furniture, custom door. The canted windows and restroom skylight make the space feel unexpectedly light and airy. And flexible seating allowed the team to hold meetings or work quietly on their own.

We worked with the Uchi team on this space many moons ago, and despite their company’s growth, they still use this space as their jewel-box headquarters.


  • Commercial Interior Design
  • Furniture Design
  • Lighting Design
  • Construction Administration


  • Photography: Ryann Ford
McCray & Co. - Uchi Office - Detail
McCray & Co. - Uchi Office - Restroom Detail
McCray & Co. - Uchi Office - Restroom Detail
McCray & Co. - Uchi Office - Detail