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Creating Unique Interior Environments

At McCray & Co., we provide interior design services for private residences, restaurants, and boutique hotels. We take a concept-driven and thoughtful approach to design, so that each space becomes as vibrant and singular as the people in it.

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Creating one-of-a-kind environments means that every engagement is different, with a unique set of considerations. But every project begins with our favorite design tool: listening. We start with a discussion to learn about your space, vision, budget, and time frame to find out if we’re the right fit. If we align, we then carry that information throughout the design process.

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We address each space from a holistic point of view, so our first step in the design process is to develop a high-level concept that acts as our touchstone moving forward. We then work through the layout and the defining elements of each space, produce documentation, and specify materials, finishes, fixtures, furnishings, and art. On larger projects, we’re often working in tandem with an architectural team and a contractor; on small projects, we may be the ones leading the charge. But to ensure the concept is carried through to the end, we like to be hands-on from first blush to final installation.

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Two-Phase Process

We think of our work like writing a book. We start with defining the high-level plot points and characters, then create an outline, develop a first draft, and add detail and nuance as the work develops through each draft and revision until the manuscript is complete.

While the scope of work is different for each project, our process can be broken down into two phases: Design Direction and what we like to call “Making It Happen.”

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Conceptual Design

This is when we dream. We typically develop 1-2 concepts for your space. Expect mood boards, quick sketches, floor plans, callouts, and ideas galore. The goal with conceptual design is to create high-level design ideas that serve as our “north star” for design development and execution.

Design Development

This is when the design comes to life. We firm up plans, create a 3D model, make final selections, put together spec sheets, coordinate preliminary build budgets, and create drawings for any custom items that have been decided on for the space. By the end of design development, all design decisions are finalized so that we can move forward with execution.

Construction Coordination / Fabrication / Ordering / Installation

We’ll request estimates, place orders, and coordinate delivery, installation, and/or contract work as needed (with artists, builders, painters, etc.) to ensure the design is executed successfully. We check in on a regular basis to ensure the project is progressing smoothly.

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We design custom interior architectural and decorative elements as an integral part of each of our projects, from furniture and millwork, to light fixtures and neon, to wallpaper, murals, textiles, and art. We then collaborate with our network of builders, artists, and makers to bring these pieces to life. We prioritize sourcing handmade and repurposed materials, furnishings, and artwork as a means to create unique and richly layered spaces where people love to spend their time.

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Multi-level Design

As a component of commercial projects, we offer consultation on how best to integrate and expand  brand identity through custom decor, signage, products, uniforms, and other elements that amplify the character and story of your space. Our extensive experience in branding makes it important to us to ensure that your space is reflective of your brand and vice-versa.

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One of our favorite creatives is Chris McCray of McCray & Co., a designer who has natural talent... His creations are always fresh, soulful, and inspiring.


Chris not only quickly gets what we’re going for; he has collaborated with us and helped to advance our ideas in new and impressive ways. His design expertise is top-notch.

Adam Michaelson, Vuka

Chris McCray and Grace Hall of McCray & Co. are the masterful design minds behind some of Austin’s  most memorable spaces: the magical and whimsical French eatery Lenoir; the funky, cool Stiles Switch BBQ; and the Texas-meets-Japanese (and always buzzing) Kemuri Tatsu-Ya...


Historically, I find working with designers difficult. I love leading projects and allowing my voice to come through, and oftentimes, designers dislike that attribute in a client. Grace and Chris have not only supported my voice, but encouraged it. They listen to my feedback and tailor their designs toward suggestions I have, while respectfully contributing their voices as well.

Naomi Seifter, Picnik
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