Method.Hair is a buzzy, eclectic, super-high-quality salon in East Austin. They had been in their space on Comal for several years and realized they'd never really stopped to make it their own.

Method was rapidly growing, so we worked with Shannon and Sarah to first maximize the number of chairs in the space. Storage areas got tucked neatly underneath stylists' stations and behind mirrors. Then, lighting got an upgrade, and we added custom pecan table tops that feel like they're floating. We delineated a larger waiting area that highlights their go-to product by Kevin Murphy. And we moved a custom reception stand right in front. 

Method's DIY ethos fingerprints the space. A chalkboard with their mantra, "You are smart and good looking,"  was installed in the front. And Shannon's antique shear collection is a sweet highlight in the waiting area.


  • Commercial Interior Design
  • Construction Administration


  • Fabrication: Trevor Crain
  • Fabrication: Litmus Industries
  • Photography: Tre Dunham
McCray & Co. - Method.Hair - Interior
McCray & Co. - Method.Hair - Interior Detail
McCray & Co. - Method.Hair - Interior Detail