Lenoir is a casual, prix-fixe fine-dining restaurant in the heart of Austin’s Bouldin Creek neighborhood. The restaurant opened in 2012, serving up what they affectionately call “hot weather food” – locally-sourced French ethnic fare that’s best suited to warm climates.

We worked with Todd and Jess to create a space that reflected their vision for the cuisine: affordable, local, responsible, elegant, and homey. One goal was to prove that repurposed materials can also be graceful and refined. Nearly all of the materials used were salvaged from area homes by way of the Austin Habitat for Humanity ReStore and an area lumberyard. Up-cycled floor and ceiling joists and framing lumber found new lives in bar tops, tables, and chairs. Burnt wood and crochet from lost relatives give a feeling of yin and yang in the space, as does the dominant black, white, and peacock blue color scheme.


  • Commercial Interior Design
  • Furniture Design
  • Lighting Design
  • Construction Administration


  • Graphic Design: Little Mule Studio
  • Fabrication: Shift Build, Ankor
  • Custom Lighting: Jimmy Ohm
  • Sign Painting: Joe Swec
  • Photography: Ryann Ford, Jody Horton, 
        JW Walthall
McCray & Co. - Lenoir - Interior
McCray & Co. - Lenoir - Detail
McCray & Co. - Lenoir - Detail
McCray & Co. - Lenoir - Interior Detail
McCray & Co. - Lenoir - Table Bracket Detail
McCray & Co. - Lenoir - Light Detail