COLAB was an initiative at Syracuse University that connected students, corporations, and the community to facilitate visual thinking and collaboration.

As director of COLAB, Chris wanted to create a space that was functional, flexible, responsible, and fun. Bright colors, exaggerated patterns, graffiti, and toys invited folks in to loosen up and engage. Upcycled Trex and packing palettes, wheat board, recycled steel pipe, and FLOR tiles (which are made from reclaimed materials) showed students viable alternatives to virgin hard goods. And everything was made to move, so folks could change the environment as needed.


  • Commercial Interior Design
  • Furniture Design
  • Construction Administration


  • Custom Furniture: Zeke Leonard
  • Photography: Colleen Woolpert
  McCray & Co. - COLAB - Entrance
  McCray & Co. - COLAB - Main Breakout Space
  McCray & Co. - COLAB - Meeting Area
  McCray & Co. - COLAB - Custom Casework
  McCray & Co. - COLAB - Custom Casework
  McCray & Co. - COLAB - Custom White Board
  McCray & Co. - COLAB - Stool + Custom Table
  McCray & Co. - COLAB - Detail