Nice Things People Have Said:


“Historically, I find working with designers difficult. I love leading projects and allowing my voice to come through, and oftentimes, designers dislike that attribute in a client. Grace and Chris have not only supported my voice, but encouraged it. They listen to my feedback and tailor their designs toward suggestions I have, while respectfully contributing their voices as well.”  Naomi Seifter, Picnik »



“Chris not only quickly gets what we’re going for; he has collaborated with us and helped to advance our ideas in new and impressive ways. His design expertise is top-notch.”  Adam Michaelson, Vuka »



“...two of [Austin’s] most creative minds in the local design industry...”  Edible Austin »



“One of our favorite creatives is Chris McCray of McCray & Co., a designer who has natural talent... His creations are always fresh, soulful, and inspiring.”  Spruce »