Our Team

 Chris McCray

Chris McCray

Principal Designer + Visionary

Chris is all about changing perceptions when it comes to spaces, furnishings and facial hair. His goal is always to come up with designs that are responsible and unique for each and every client. He mostly claims to be a southerner, with roots in Texas and Virginia, and he’s no stranger to a good bourbon and a long afternoon nap.

Chris started on the entrepreneurial road less traveled early: selling rocks for a nickel in El Paso at age 5. He founded Chris McCray Designs in Richmond, Virginia in the mid-’90s, and after over a decade of interior design, enrolled at RISD and earned his master’s in Industrial Design.

After a brief stint as director of a design-thinking initiative at Syracuse University, Chris decided to fly back to warmer climes. He co-founded McCray & Co. with Grace in sunny Austin, Texas in 2011 and is hard at work designing experiences, spaces, and things. With the windows rolled down.

 Grace Hall

Grace Hall

Principal Designer + Moral Compass

When it comes to design, Grace is focused on thoughtful, practical solutions. She loves creating things that are just right on. She’s a native Virginian, a southerner through and through, and she really, really likes making jam.

Grace got hooked on design the moment a coworker at a summer job defined it: “You know when you see words and pictures together, like in a magazine? That’s graphic design.” Suddenly, all those weird collages she’d been working on didn’t seem so weird any more.

After graduating from VCU in Richmond, Grace headed out to see the world and San Francisco before settling down in Austin in 2008. Since then, she’s been collaborating with clients on designs big and small. You can find her on any given day soaking in the sunshine and waiting for blackberry season.


Mia Yamada

Senior Designer + Secret Weapon

Fannie Gunton

Project Manager + Calming Influence

Natalie Nicholson

Designer + Ray of Sunshine

Katherine Peters

Our Right-Hand Woman

Shelby Carr

Designer + Tastemaker